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Going to the Global Rally is achievable! It just requires dedication and determination. Start working towards qualifying now! 

Singapore Flyer
Believe It.
Forever incentives are put in place to set targets and to also reward our Distributors. It’s about learning best practice and keeping your business on track. The incentives work, and they can work for you in Singapore!
Achieve It.
The qualification for the Global Rally is simple, achieve at least 1.5k (1,500 CCs) in one calendar year or qualify for Chairman’s Bonus.


Travel Visa’s will be required by a number of Countries bringing Distributors to Singapore. We would encourage you to be prepared and act quickly to ensure that we have minimal Visa problems. Visa applications can be started now for Distributors who are on-track or who have already qualified. Please send your Visa Letter requests to the Regional Executive Assistant for your Country.