The destination for The 2015 Global Rally is absolutely breathtaking. Singapore is located in Southeast Asia and is full of culture and inspiring views.  While visiting Singapore you will be able to do some amazing shopping, visit incredible attractions that the city has to offer, and eat world class meals.

Singapore at Night
There is no end to the possibilities that Singapore offers. This Rally will offer some exciting activities from all over the area. From beach to city you will be able to witness all that is Singapore. The Global Rally encourages that entrepreneurial spirit in promoting the idea that we don’t need to settle for our home town, our country or even our region… why settle for the familiar when we can conquer the world!
Singapore River
Global Rally 2015 will be an opportunity to rub shoulders with the absolute best in the business, access sophisticated and improved trainings, witness bigger recognitions and watch even greater entertainment.Those who qualify for the Global Rally will be jetted off to a unique and exciting destination where they will be introduced to the concept of a business where no limits exist; business without boundaries.